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Bolden (Original Soundtrack) 12" EP

Bolden (Original Soundtrack) 12" EP

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On this Bolden (Original Soundtrack) 12" EP by modern maestro and nine-time Grammy winner Wynton Marsalis, Marsalis enthusiastically resurrects the bawdy, brassy sound of Bolden as no one else can, throwing a Big Easy party featuring some of today’s most talented and acclaimed jazz instrumentalists.

At the climax of Bolden, the major motion picture, viewers are treated to the greatest (hypothetical) jazz duet of all time: a trumpet duel between jazz pioneer Buddy Bolden and Louis Armstrong, the genre’s first superstar. Both musicians’ solos were imagined and performed for the film by Marsalis.

Now, that track—original Marsalis composition “Timelessness”—is available on this 12” EP. The other side features another song from the Bolden original soundtrack, Marsalis’ “Phantasmagoric Bordello Ballet.”

Track listing:

Side A: Timelessness (Duet)

Side B: Phantasmagoric Bordello Ballet