Sean Mason: The Southern Suite

Sean Mason: The Southern Suite

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Featuring rising star pianist Sean Mason's adventurous, close-knit quintet, The Southern Suite looks back at the Charlotte-born musician’s roots from the vantage of Mason’s current position at the heart of the NYC scene. Mason’s technical prowess and compositional genius are on full display: he conjures up new songs that sound like they should already be part of the jazz canon. Unforgettable gospel-tinged hooks sit on top of a deep, compelling pocket, making for catchy, danceable, forward-looking music. 

Hailed by NPR’s Youngbloods series as a musician on the rise, Mason has already performed and toured with jazz legends including Branford Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, and Herlin Riley. Now, the release of The Southern Suite presents an astonishingly mature statement from a young star in the making, revealing the stunning scope and potential of Mason’s performing and songwriting ability.

Track Listing

1. Final Voyage
2. Kid
3. Lavender
4. SilkyM
5. One United
6. Lullaby
7. Closure
8. Sean's Theme


Sean Mason, piano
Chris Lewis, tenor saxophone
Tony Glausi, trumpet
Felix Moseholm, bass
Domo Branch, drums